Modular Thermostats

Always have the correct temperature

ABB’s modular thermostats always guarantee the correct temperature. The devices are suitable for a variety of different applications, ranging from cold rooms, refrigerated counters and cold stores to heating systems, greenhouses or control cabinets. Switch contacts enable consumers such as heaters, fans or pumps to be controlled directly and switched on and off as needed.

Main benefits

  • Comfortable: 2 warning LEDs to indicate the short-circuit state of the probe and the contact status
  • Compact: In only 2 module width
  • Accurate: The low temperature differential ensures reduced maintenance with the maximum accuracy of the temperature set

Main features

  • Other temperature ranges available for a variety of applications
  • Waterproof temperature sensor available in 1.5 m and 4 m lengths
  • Easy settings: trimmers located on the front of the product and adjustable without any tool

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