Twilight switches

Bring light into the darkness

T Line twilight switches command lighting circuits according to the scheduled level of the ambient light detected by a dedicated sensor. As they allow to significantly reduce energy consumption, they are particularly useful in external places (garden, parking lots, entrances, courtyards, etc…)

T Line twilight switches range allow to switch ON and switch OFF lighting devices according to a scheduled level of the ambient light. They are used in combination with a sensor to detect if the ambient light is higher or lower than the set level. A switching delay prevents them from operating unnecessarily when the light intensity suddenly changes (e.g. lighting, moving vehicles, etc.).

Main benefits

  • 2 LED indicators: one for contact status and one for threshold set value
  • Freely adjustable switching-on threshold
  • Adjustable switching delay
  • Operating instructions are printed on the side of the product

Main features

  • Preset at 10 lux from factory
  • IP65 Protection degree
  • Save space: Only 1 module width

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