InSite energy management system

Taking scalability, flexibility & energy efficiency to the next level

The InSite energy management system offers smart energy and load management to improve energy efficiency in both sub and final distribution.

Through the control unit, data is gathered from the field devices, that can then be accessed via the InSite web server or a 3rd party application.

  • Complete solution to optimize energy usage and to achieve full load management
  • Adapt the system to any application needs by mounting the plug-in expansion modules onto the compact control unit SCU200
  • Easily integrate the open system with EV chargers, PV systems, heat pumps, etc.

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Main benefits


  • Sub and final distribution
  • New builds or retrofits
  • From large buildings to residences with advanced load management capabilities


  • Easy integration of 3rd party software systems
  • Increased possibilities in terms of field device connectivity
  • Access real-time data through the integrated InSite web server

Energy Efficiency

  • Enhanced capabilities to optimize energy efficiency of any kind of building or plant
  • Easy implementation of energy and load management functionalities
  • Compliance with highest energy efficiency standards
  • Save up to 20% on energy bill
  • CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 15%


Discover the range

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Residential & small commercial applications
Control Unit SCU200
  • Remote monitoring of a wide range of connected devices, including breakers, meters, current sensors but also EV chargers or heat pumps
  • Equipped with 1 WiFi port and 3 serial ports (Ethernet RJ45, RS485 for Modbus RTU, INS flat cable)
  • For secure data transmission, Modbus RTU, TCP, REST API, WiFi, and Websocket protocols are embedded; cyber security for internet use is provided by a crypto engine, secure boot, and secure storage
Plug-in expansion modules
  • Tool-free mounting of up to 5 expansion modules on the SCU200 control unit
  • Energy Meter module measures the electrical values via the connected split-core current transformers
  • Wireless Modbus enables data collection from up to 16 field devices such as electricity, gas or water meters
  • The complete InSite system is powered by the power supply module, which converts the current from 240 VAC to 24 VDC
Smart Aux/ Signaling device

The Smart Aux/Signaling devices can be connected using the INS flat cable for connecting sensors as a plug-and-play connection and are compatible with most of ABB's MCB and RCD ranges.

The InSite web server allows remote access to data transmitted of the field devices, as well as a step-by-step installation wizard, a cost calculation feature, and automated actions to optimize the prioritization of loads for the most efficient use of energy.

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Large commercial & Industrial applications
Control Unit SCU100
  • Collects measurement data from up to 16 energy and power meters, in addition to 96 current sensors and digital sensors, simultaneously
  • Remote monitoring of the system thanks to a digital communication that supports different protocols (Modbus RTU, TCP or SNMP v1, v2 and encrypted v3)
  • 2 interfaces guarantee straightforward integration into any IT infrastructure: LAN (TCP/IP or Modbus TCP) and RS485 (Modbus RTU)
Digital Input and Output modules

Digital I/O modules can read contact status, activate or deactivate lines and collect utilities’ consumptions. The range consists of 3 devices to adapt to quantity and type of installed products:

  • Input Module DM11
  • Output Module DM00
  • Input/Output Module DM10

DM11, DM00 and DM10 can be connected to System pro M compact® accessories of MCBs and RCDs, but also to other DIN Rail products with a digital input or output and to pulse meters (e.g . water , gas meters).

Access several pre-configured pages via the InSite web server. These allow you to monitor, compare and structure your real-time and historical data. Also, automatic actions can be set to react promptly to selected events. 


Energy management functionalities

With the enhanced InSite web server you can...

Checkboxvisualize, analyze and make use of real-time data to optimize energy usage 

Checkboxreceive predictive maintenance recommendations

Checkboxbe aware of energy costs thanks to the energy cost calculation feature

Checkboxcarry out commissioning in a fail-safe manner through the step-by-step installation wizard

Checkboxsave commissioning time with automatic device recognition for most ABB field devices

Checkboxset automated actions to achieve advanced load management and energy savings of up to 20%


Make any energy distribution board even smarter

Compliance with highest energy efficiency standards and complete control over the total facility consumptions to save up to 20% of energy and reduce CO2 emissions by 15%. All that is guaranteed with ABB‘s safe, smart and sustainable solutions from sub to final distribution that go beyond connectivity.

The solution is easily scalable to a variety of system architectures, making it suitable for any residential, commercial, or industrial application.

Go beyond connected and discover complete system architectures!


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