D1M Power Meters

Analyze power, easily

Discover D1M power meters provide an intuitive solution in order to improve the energy footprint of a building, energy flow analysis covering comprehensive measurements and full metering capabilities to improve the energy efficiency of the electrical system for any standard application from buildings to industries.

The new power meters have been designed in a common way to fit seamlessly and in a scalable way to any monitoring need, with great attention to intuitiveness, quality, and common user experience. 

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Main benefits

Main features

  • Complete set of accurate measurement functionalities compliant with accuracy standard IEC 61557-12
  • Easy-to-read, clear LCD/LED displays that help reduce the time required to operate the power meters
  • Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP communication protocols
  • 2 DO on D1M 15 and 2 DI/DO on D1M 20
  • 3 modules width
  • Auto-scroll on display

Product range

D1M 15

D1M 15 is a comprehensive multifunction meter for monitoring electrical systems, aimed mostly at the measurement of basic electrical parameters.

D1M 20

D1M 20 is a power meter that incorporates THD and import/export measurements (4 quadrants) for basic power quality analysis applications.

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