M4M 20 and M4M 30

Network analyzers

M4M as a stand-alone network analyzer guarantees all power monitoring needs in the energy distribution system: from high-accuracy energy efficiency monitoring of electrical parameters to complete power quality analysis through advanced KPIs. Thanks to its connectivity capabilities, M4M can leverage the integration in ABB scalable energy and asset management solutions to monitor, optimize and control the complete electrical system.

M4M versions with MID Approval are perfectly suitable for billing applications and matching technical specifications where MID certification is a must requirement. M4M 20-M and M4M 30-M are available with Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP embedded communication.


  • Statistical metering and energy cost optimization, avoiding fees and penalties
  • Equipment monitoring through power quality analysis
  • Support in compliance with legislations for energy efficiency
  • Fulfillment of legal requirements for accounting and energy acquisition thanks to MID certified models

Main Features:

  • High-accuracy monitoring class 0,5S compliant to main metering standards (IEC 62053-22 and IEC 61557-12
  • Class C accuracy in accordance with 2014/32/EU regulation (MID) for MID Approved M4M 20-M and M4M 30-M
  • Intuitive configuration and visualization thanks to easy-to-use HMI
  • All-removable terminals, Rogowski compliance and 57mm depth in the panel for easy installation and wiring
  • Natively integrated in ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager cloud-solution

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Discover the new features

Graphic color display

M4M 20 and M4M 30 are equipped with a graphic color display and common app-based menu for an intuitive visualization. display


All M4M network analyzers are equipped with Bluetooth module for smart commissioning via mobile app. bluetooth

Full communication

A complete set of embedded communication protocols, including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus DP-V0 and BACnet/IP. wifi



Control on the system thanks to I/O options including digital outputs,  programmable I/O or programmable analogue outputs.

  I / O


Data logging features are available, from complete notification logs to flash memory and RTC for 1-year data logging of trends. Lines

Rogowski version

M4M Rogowski versions are compatible with ABB’s R4M Rogowski coils for easy retrofit in existing installations. switch

MID Approval


M4M 20-M and M4M 30-M offer class C accuracy and tamper proof connections in accordance to 2014/32/EU regulation.

They are available with Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP/IP protocols.

Sub-distribution management


To monitor and control the energy flow in sub-distribution networks M4Ms are natively integrated in sub-distribution management System pro M compact InSite


Explore the new ranges



M4M 20 

M4M 30



 MID Approval Optional  Optional 
Current, Voltage, Frequency
Power, Power Factor
check box icon
check box icon
Neutral Current Basic   Advanced
4 quadrants Energy (Import /Export)  check box icon check box icon 
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)  check box icon check box icon 
Harmonics, Unbalances, Waveforms  – check box icon 
Graphs visualization Basic Advanced 

 Data recording

Notification logs check box icon  check box icon 
Alarms management Basic Advanced 
Demand values, Max/Min demand Basic  Advanced 
Energy trending logs check box icon 


Bluetooth for EPiC Mobile
check box icon  check box icon 
Integration in ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager check box icon  check box icon 
Integration in ABB Ability™ System pro M compact®
check box icon  check box icon 
 RJ45 Daisy Chain (Ethernet)*
–  check box icon 

*Not available on MID model

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