M4M 2X

Network analyzers

M4M 2X extends the ABB family of network analyzers with an innovative, flexible product range.

The new M4M 2X network analyzers can be mounted on a DIN rail without display, ensuring the strongest, scalable remote connectivity to ABB digital solutions: from mobile APP to desktop software for stand-alone access, up to sub-distribution management and cloud platform for a complete system approach.

M4M 2X ensure the highest flexibility to project specifications of products and system in terms of features and services, thanks to functionality packages for an extended product features scalability, in order to cover all power monitoring needs in the energy distribution system: from high-accuracy energy efficiency monitoring of electrical parameters to complete power quality analysis through advanced KPIs.


  • Statistical metering and energy cost optimization, avoiding fees and penalties
  • Equipment monitoring through power quality analysis
  • Support in compliance with legislations for energy efficiency

Main Features:

  • Mobile app and desktop software for remote access to M4M 2X, with graphical information for intuitive reading and configuration
  • Save configuration time by copy/pasting the configuration from a M4M 2X to another
  • DIN-rail mountable with all-removable terminals for easy wiring
  • Natively integrated in sub-distribution management System pro M compact InSite and ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager cloud-solution

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Access to M4M 2X

Explore the new ranges

 M4M 2X (standard)
Current, Voltage, Frequency, Power, Power Factor
Neutral Current Calculated
4 quadrants Energy (Import /Export)  •
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)  •
Notification logs  •
Single alarms 25
Demand values, Max/Min demand Basic
 Digital Outputs 2
Harmonics / Unbalances 25th / •
Historical logs Intermediate
Real Time Clock
Harmonics / Unbalances 40th /  •
Historical logs Advanced
 Real Time Clock
 Complex alarms with logics
 Real Time Clock
 Programmable I/O  4*
 *Replacing 2 digital Outputs features

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