Maximum safety in buildings for people and valuable assets

Arc fault detection devices (AFDDs)

Each year over two million fires erupt all over Europe. More than one third of these due to faults in the electrical installation which prevailingly occur as a result of dangerous arc faults. S-ARC1 and DS-ARC1 provide maximum safety in all buildings, thus protecting people and valuable assets. By early detecting arc faults and disconnecting the affected circuit they offer reliable and complete protection in any type of building.


  • Inherent fire hazards are reliably detected and prevented
  • Protection gap against arc faults is closed
  • Recommended in different applications acc. to IEC 603644-4-42
  • Quick and simple installation using standard System pro M compact® busbars and accessories
  • Family feeling in the System pro M compact® range
  • Safety thanks to a continuously running internal self test in order to check the arc detection circuit and a test push-button to verify the correct functioning of the arc fault detection device

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