DDA200 B range

Universal & complete protection

Type B RCD blocks are also sensitive to continuous or predominantly continuous (continuous with weak ondulation) pulsating earth fault currents. At the same time, they are also sensitive to sinusoidal and direct pulsating earth fault currents as in the case of type A circuit breakers.

They fulfill the requirements of Type A devices and consequently the requirements for Type AC devices, which can be considered as an extension. For this reason, Type B differential blocks are sometimes referred to as "universal type" since they respond to "all" types of fault currents.

The DDA200 type B can be coupled with all circuit breakers of the S 200 series and are used for protection of installations with electronic equipment according to EN 50178.

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Main benefits


High resistance against unwanted trips

Complete range

Complete and full range of Type B RCD blocks

Safe assembly

Mounting errors of the MCB on the DDA200 is avoided thanks to a mechanical key that prevents the mounting of an MCB with a higher rated current than the RCD block


Main features

  • 2P, 3P, 4P devices
  • Rated current of 25, 40, 63 A
  • Sensitivity of 30, 300, 500 mA
  • Test pushbutton to verify the correct functioning of the device
  • LED to indicate the working mode of the device
  • Information on the device are laser printed to make them clearly visible and long lasting
  • Laser-marked order code on the front to make easier future orders
  • Suitable for application as: Three-phase AC/DC Converters, Three-phase Frequency Converters, Three-phase UPS, Electro-medical devices, Photovoltaic installations, EV charging stations


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