DS200 range of RCBOs

Designed to ensure efficiency and protection

The DS200 range (DS202, DS203 and DS204) is factory fitted with DDA and MCB. This solution enables the protection of demanding applications with an expected rated current of more than 40 A, which is the limit of DS201 and DS203NC.

While this series does not offer space savings, it does reduce installation time because it is already combined.

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Main benefits

Easy to install

The RCCB is factory-mounted on the MCB to simplify assembly and speed up wiring, thanks to the two slots with different dimensions that allow connection with both cables and busbars.

Continuous operation

Reduced downtime for maintenance thanks to the earth fault indicator. Quick and easy identification of the contact status thanks to the CPI window.


Offers a wide range of accessories with many different functions.


Main features

  • AC and A type available
  • Rated current from 6 to 63 A
  • Breaking capacity of 6 and 10 kA, according to the model
  • Sensitivity of 30 mA
  • B, C and K tripping characteristic
  • Test pushbutton to verify the correct functioning of the device


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