Minimum space, maximum protection

The DS203NC range of 3P+N residual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection has been designed to meet the requirements of protection devices that suit the different types of circuits of modern three-phase systems, which are increasingly compact and sensitive.

DS203 NC residual current circuit breakers are the ideal solution for installations where space is limited, offering many types in a width of only 4 modules, reducing the space required by 50% compared to an RCB + MCB configuration. 

This makes them suitable both for new installations to save space in switchboards and for retrofitting existing installations by adding earth fault current protection in installations where this was not foreseen, without affecting the overall dimensions of the system and the placement of the whole system.

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Main benefits

Easy to install

Easier and faster wiring thanks to the two slots of different sizes that allow the connection of both cables and busbars.

Continuous operation

Reduced downtime for maintenance thanks to the earth fault indicator. Quick and easy identification of the contact status thanks to the CPI window.


Offers wide range of accessories with lots of different functions.


Main features

  • AC, A, AP-R, S type available
  • Breaking capacity of 4.5 and 6 kA, according to the model
  • Sensitivity of 30, 100, 300 mA, according to the model
  • B, C and K tripping characteristic
  • Test pushbutton to verify the correct functioning of the device
  • Earth fault indicator, for easier identification of earth faults
  • Contact position indicator (CPI): to always know the status of the contacts (red: closed contacts; green: open contacts) independently on the toggle position

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