DSE203N M series are 3P+N eRCBOs in 3M width, with flying neutral lead (available in blue or black version). The supply is from the bottom, load from top. The neutral is unswitched.

DSE203N M is the perfect solution for installation in chassis distribution board,  providing protection against short-circuit currents, overloads and earth fault currents.

Main features:

  • 10kA breaking capacity, A and AC type
  • B and C tripping char with rated currents from 6 to 63 A;
  • Sensitivity 10, 30, 100, 300 mA
  • CPI window to give fast and easy identification of the contacts’ status

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Main benefits


Space saving

Compact solution to reduce the space for installation in 3 phases applications.


Easy to install

Easy and fast installation with supply from bottom terminals to fit chassis distribution board and load from top terminals.



Wide range in 10kA breaking capacity up to 63A to cover main customers’ needs from commercial to industrial applications.

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