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Residual Current Circuit Breaker with Over Current Protection (RCBOs)

The range designed to ensure efficiency and protection​

RCBOs are commonly used in applications where there is the need to combine protection against overcurrents (overload and short-circuit) and protection against earth leakage currents.

RCBOs help in sensing this kind of faults and trip the circuit ensuring complete protection of the people and connected equipment.

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Main benefits

Complete range
Wide choice of codes to cover main customers needs
Continuous operation
Easy troubleshooting on the network and reduced downtime for maintenance
Easy to install
Time saving in wiring operation
Global availability
Compliant with Local Standards and wide set of Approvals

Product ranges

DS201 – DS202C

Compact Electro mechanical RCBOs in two modules width for 1P+N applications (DS201) and 2P applications (DS202C)


Compact Electro mechanical RCBOs in four modules width for 3P+N or 3P applications

DS202 – DS203 – DS204

Factory fitted RCBOs with the combination of DDA200 block and S200 MCB

DSE201 – DSE201 M

Electronic 1P+N RCBOs in one module width with flying leads for installation in Chassis distribution boards


Compact Electronic 1P+N RCBOs in one module width and 85mm height

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