A range designed to ensure efficiency and protection

The F200 series is designed to protect people and equipment from ground faults, providing reliability and safety in all operating conditions. Different types are available depending on the current wave that the device can detect.

F200 RCCBs can be used in ambient conditions where the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere has values between -25°C and +55°C. Approvals to most major standards make the F200 RCCBs suitable for installation worldwide.

Two terminals are available, the fore one for cables up to 25mm², the back one for cables up to 10 mm² or for busbars. The availability of the two terminals offers different connection solutions thanks to the possibility to connect two independent cables in the same device: the second terminal can be used for an auxiliary circuit or for the supply of devices with small section cables without connecting them to the main circuit. In addition, the F200 series is fully compatible with a wide range of accessories and can be coupled with the auto-reclosing units to ensure continuity of service for the entire installation.

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Main benefits

Main features

  • AC, A, AP-R, A S, F and B type available
  • Rated current from 16 A to 125 A
  • Sensitivity from 10 to 1000 mA
  • Test button for checking the correct function of the device
  • Bidirectional cylindrical clamps ensure greater safety during connection operations and facilitate them
  • The information on the device is laser-printed for high visibility and durability, and the order code facilitates future orders
  • Contact position indicator (CPI) to always know the status of the contacts (red: closed contacts; green: open contacts), regardless of the toggle switch position

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Can be used in almost any country as it is approved in most major standards.
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