RD series

Residual current relays for leakage current protection

The RD series of residual current relays is designed for leakage current detection, protection and monitoring functions, when used in conjunction with an external toroidal transformer belonging to the TR family. It is composed by DIN-rail mounted RD2 and RD3 relays.

The RD2 relays are designed for leakage current detection and are classified as “A Type” according to IEC/EN62020. They are sensitive to leakage sinusoidal currents and to leakage pulsating currents with direct components.

The RD3 family of electronic residual current relays provides residual current protection and monitoring functions according to IEC/EN 60947-2:2006 annex M.


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Main benefits

Complete range

Complete range of electronic residual current devices, in accordance with the international Standard IEC6094 -2, Annex M

High safety & protection levels

The right solution for residual current protection for all levels of low-voltage installations, from low-voltage lines to power distribution, up to terminal distribution


RD2 and RD3 residual current devices are combined with a wide range of toroids with diameters from 29 mm to 230 mm (for cables and busbars), which provides the maximum application flexibility for an effective protection in every point of the system

Product details


Product range


For leakage current detection in combination with a toroid.


For residual current protection and monitoring functions. Including Fail-safe, remote reset, and test no trip functions.


With additional pre-alarm threshold and frequency filter functions.


With additional led bar indicator and Autoreset functions.

Toroidal Transformers

Toroids allow the detection of earth fault current and are designed to be combined with the RD series.


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