Auxiliary switches and signal contacts

  • The plug-in socket system gives you the option of signaling via auxiliary busbars. The auxiliary busbars LA and LB can be contacted directly via contacting parts. The contacting parts can be easily changed from LA to LB by replunging them, or they can be removed completely.
  • Signal and auxiliary contacts are available for all devices. These can be powered directly by the two auxiliary busbars in the socket.
  • New timesaving contacting system Integrated contacts of the auxiliary and signal contact to the auxiliary busbars A and LB wiring is eliminated

Collective alarm, signaling

  • A collective alarm can easily be implemented using the signal contact SK400 SA. A very good space-saving arrangement is created when the signal contact is mounted to the left or right of the miniature circuit breaker.

Auxiliary busbars LA, LB

  • The 5 x 2 mm auxiliary busbars are used to supply power to the auxiliary and signal contacts.

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Main benefits

Wide range of accessories

To accomplish customer needs (switching, signaling, controlling, connecting)


Increase safety and comfort performance of the installation

Easy to install

Easy "plug and play" coupling of products

Main features

  • Plugs in directly, SMISSLINE signal and auxiliary contacts can be snapped directly into the plug-in socket system. The input wiring is integrated within the contact.
  • Easy Handling
  • Freedom to design and arrange

Product range

HK400 auxiliary switches

Auxiliary switch contact operates at the same time as the contact of the protective device

SK400 signal contacts

Signal switch contact operate when the protection device is tripped electrically because of a short-circuit, a fault current or overcurrent

Neutral disconnector

Snap on neutral disconnector with bi-directional terminals. The neutral conductor can be mounted by the user at the right side of a Miniature circuit breaker (MCB)

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