Pan Assembly and Direct Feed

The Pan Assembly and Direct Feed solution allows a direct connection from the 250A Power Bar System to a plug-in circuit-breaker Tmax XT4 Moulded Case Circuit Breaker. The solution is built for a vertical design with one busbar system for the Direct Feed or two busbar system for the Pan Assembly solution.

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Main benefits

Safe Installation & Continuous Power

The scope of applications is increased particularly for applications with high-current devices like data centers, industry, hospitals, airports, or any critical power applications.

Flexibility & Power

Pan Assembly ensures easy expansion, pluggable devices and possibility for mixed-pole layout, as well as an option for power supply 250A side feed with XT4.

Economical & Time-saving

SMISSLINE TP Pan Assembly allows quick and simple handling of pluggable devices with shorter maintenance and repair time needed.

Main features

  • Pan Assembly provides connection for two 250A Starter pack Touch proof with an XT4 circuit breaker
  • Vertical mounting with SMISSLINE TP results in a compact design
  • The perfect fit for any application where costly downtime must be avoided

Product details

The solution saves space and wiring time. This combination is tested according to IEC/EN 61439-6.
The Pan Assembly allows feeding the system from top or bottom side with an XT4 for two 250A SMISSLINE TP socket systems.
The Direct feed starter pack solution is built for a vertical design.

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