Reliable and flexible energy distribution

SMISSLINE is the complete line protection solution for buildings and machines where safety, availability, and flexibility matters. SMISSLINE TP plug-in distribution system is the world’s first plug-in socket system to ensure that load-free devices and components can be snapped on and off under voltage with no need for added personal protective equipment to guard against electrical shock. When working under load please follow the applicable regulations and laws according to the country.

Innovation made in Switzerland!

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SMISSLINE TP delights you

Tidy control cabinet easier than ever!

Mixed arrangement of the devices and direct assignment of N and PE connections are now possible

Most innovative ways of final distribution

Easy to plug in protection and switching devices work under voltage, and offer maximum flexibility in the event of extensions or changes in use

Reliable safety – today, tomorrow, and always!

It is safe to work under voltage without added personal protective equipment against electrical hazards

Reliable energy distribution for minimal interruption

Changes or extensions can be carried out without switching off or incurring any downtime during operation.

Future-proof energy distribution

What are the requirements for electrical installations of tomorrow? With SMISSLINE, an investment in the expansion of the electrical installation is easier than ever-- with minimal effort and no downtime.

From planning to execution

Clear advantages and great benefits for end-users, operators, technical service, planners, and panel-builders

Start the configuration

The online Design Software tool supports the configuration for the SMISSLINE busbar system including all the range of products on the system. It allows an easy planning and managing of a project.

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Planning support

The complete line protection solution for critical power applications such as:

Information Technology & Communication

e.g. Data Centers, Communication Centers


e.g. airports, train stations

Health-care facilities

e.g. hospitals


e.g. process and factory automation, machinery, telecommunications, industrial buildings, banks, insurance companies

SOC - Selected Optimized Coordination

The online Selected Optimized Coordination provide for which combinations between Upstream and downstream breaker is a Backup or selectivity given.

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