eOVR Digital Surge Protective Device

Safeguarding system uptime, remotely

Meet ABB's digital generation of surge protective devices (SPDs) for smart applications, called eOVR. The need for remote monitoring of all product data to improve usage is increasing worldwide, especially in smart buildings, smart power stations, hospitals, data centers and wind turbines.

Extending the SPD capabilities of the OVR range, the eOVR provides a digital module that can communicate with the server. With this combination, it is possible to protect end devices from surges and transient overvoltages, in addition to monitoring and reporting various data to anticipate maintenance and thus prolong service continuity. 

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Main benefits

Operational continuity

The SPD ensures the operation of the system by protecting the equipment from surge events by limiting the overvoltage level.

Access real-time data

eOVR provides the ability to remotely monitor SPD end-of-life, previous surge events, and various other data to improve SPD protection.

Suggestive maintenance

The digital intersection of all data monitored by eOVR allows the user to be alerted to what preventive and corrective maintenance actions need to be performed to ensure effective surge protection.

Main features

  • Type 1-2, 2 & 2-3 SPDs to handle direct and indirect surge consequences 
  • Compatible with System pro M compact® InSite, ABB Ability™ and third-party HUBs
  • Proactive maintenance recommendations based on real-time monitored data

Connect eOVR to the smart energy distribution system

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