Reliable surge protection for solar applications

Solar power continues to emerge as one of the world's most important renewable energy sources, along with wind power. OVR PV T2 is mainly installed in solar string combiner boxes for surge protection and is specifically designed and certified for DC solar applications.

Main benefits

High resistance and reliability

• Self protected up to Iscpv, SCCR = 10 kA
• Bottom wiring to protect the system from condensation water

Certified surge protection

• Protection against the effects of direct and indirect surges according to IEC 61643-31
• Certified according to UL 1449 5th edition
• Global availability

Specifically designed for PV applications

• Designed for connection to the DC side of PV systems with a rated voltage of up to 1500 V DC (Uc= 1000, 1500 VDC)
• High protection levels:
- IEC standard Up = 4 kV (1000V), 5 (1500V)
- UL standard: VPR = 3 kV (1000V), 4 (1500V)

Main features

  • 3 modules width, 54 mm width
  • Pluggable cartridge
  • L+, L- protection
  • Optional auxiliary contact
  • MOV technology
  • In= 20 kA (1000V), 15 kA (1500V)

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