OVR QuickSafe®

QuickSafe is our new generation of Surge Protective Devices (SPD) with improved performances! Thanks to innovative technology this new range of OVR covers residential and industrial applications with an extremely good protection level, simple installation and preventive maintenance. All according to the upcoming new standard IEC/EN 61643-11.

Main benefits     

  • A complete and consistent offer: single phase, 1N, 3N, 3L and 4L to fit every IEC network and with every option a customer may require: pluggable protection modules, auxiliary signaling contact, safety reserve system.
  • Wide application range to adapt to particular needs. Products are categorized as more than one Type, choose among T1+T2, T2, T2+T3 depending on technical and economic needs.
  • Easy identification, our products are clearly marked as Surge Protective Devices to guarantee easy identification within the switchboard.
  • The pluggable feature allows time saving when performing dielectric tests in electrical switchboards (according to IEC 61439-2 and IEC 61 60364-6). These standards are used by panel builders and maintenance companies.

Main Features  

  • They can be installed in industrial facilities for short circuit currents up to 100kA. One range for all installations, to cover wide industrial applications.
  • No need of dedicated back up protection for OVR T2 and T2-T3 QS up to 125A and up to 160A for OVR T1-T2.
  • Securely fastened; the protector clicks into the base both with audible and tactile feedback. Installation is carried quickly and without tools thanks to the mounting-rail click.
  • Easy connection; our new SPDs accept both flexible cables and rigid bus bars connections.

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