OVR PV 1500

A unique product on the market

The photovoltaic market is on the way to move now to higher voltages beyond 1000V applications and so far the range available with us was composed of two rating to fit 600V and 1000VDC installations only. Citing this new trend we have detected this tendency early enough and are pleased to announce the launch of the new rating in our OVR PV range: 1500V DC. With this introduction we are the firsts to be able to have a solution for such applications.

Main benefits     

  • Better return on investment! Better return on investment for the end user! We are so far the only one that allows the use of PV SPDs in 1500V DC installation, thanks to higher voltage the solar panels can produce more energy even in cloudy conditions allowing at the same time the end customer to earn more!
  • Cost saving! No need of additional protection as our OVR PV 1500V DC is self-protected up to 10 kA! We ensure at the same time a safer installation by reducing the risk of fire in the installation
  • Prevent extra cost! Designed for the future! Consultant can make his design right now with products that are complying already to the upcoming standard. No time losses to reshape an existing design
  • Last but not least: Safety without compromise! All our PV range is fitted with a patented thermal disconnection for small DC current present in PV installation

Main Features  

  • Complies with EN 50539-11 (Edition 2013 11) first standard in the world to prescribe tests to guarantee safety of overvoltage surge protective devices in photovoltaic facilities
  • Maximum operating voltage of 1500V DC
  • Available in IEC and UL version
  • Self-protected against short circuit at the end of life of the product up to 10 kA

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