Surge protective devices for street lighting applications

OVR SL is a dedicate SPD for lighting applications, and more specifically to prevent risks related to lightning surges in LED lamp posts. With this new product, ABB is giving a high quality solution for LED lamp post manufacturers and saving hours of maintenance to city councils. There is in Europe more than 90 millions of lamp post installed and each year there is 10% of these that are renewed, the market is huge! The lighting world is now moving from the traditional bulbs to LED, in 2020 50% of the installation will be LED. OVR SL is the reliable solution to protect LED drivers in lighting.

Main benefits     

  • Allows continuity of lighting service even in the event of lightning strike,
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to long service lifetime. This prevents service interruptions, damage and constant replacement of lamps, which are difficult to access without appropriate equipment (e.g. cradle lifts),
  • Easy equipment inspection thanks to a display of SPD state,
  • Quick replacement of the product as this one can be placed at the bottom of the pole.

Main Features  

  • Very good protection protection level for LED drivers thanks to its low Up (1,1 KV) and highest protection thanks to its high level of discharge current (Imax = 15 kA),
  • With its compact size (17,5 mm) it fits in small power enclosure that are installed at the bottom of the lamp post and this for easier maintenance,
  • Pre-wired to save time for technician and bottom wired to avoid condensation issues,
  • High protection rating (IP32) for a better resistance to severe climatic and dirt conditions.

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