For 65 years, Ty-Rap® cable ties helps make the world a safer place

Nearly 30 billion cable ties installed and counting

Nearly 30 billion cable ties installed and counting: With its first patent submitted in 1958 Ty-Rap® cable ties are a benchmark of excellence and innovation in wire management. Self-fastening and almost indestructible, nearly 30 billion standard and high-performance Ty-Rap cable ties have been produced. If laid end-to-end, they would stretch from Earth to the moon and back again more than a dozen times.

First developed to solve the problem of bundling the hundreds of feet of wiring found inside commercial aircraft, Ty-Rap cable ties can now be found virtually everywhere – from Nascar racing engines to backyard tool sheds and the Mars Rover.

Ty-Rap cable ties from ABB pass tough tests by being created through innovation with high quality standards. Ty-Rap high performance cable ties are the right choice when performance really matters.

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