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Ty-Rap® Detectable cable ties

The Ty-Rap® detectable cable ties from ABB incorporate a unique compound (patent pending) that can be detected by X-Ray equipment, metal detectors and visual inspection equipment.

New for 2020, our polypropylene detectable ties now feature 1800 amperes per meter, more than double that of the old material (800 amperes per meter).

Particularly recommended for applications in food, pharmaceutical and other contaminationsensitive industries using detection systems, where cable tie installation residuals (cut tails) are not allowed in the finished product and prevent food contamination and expensive food recalls.

  • Detectable by metal detectors set at minimum 1.5 mm diameter ferrous sphere
  • Detectable by X-Ray equipment
  • Bright blue colour for an easy visual detection
  • Help achieve the HACCP EU-Directive and to comply to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)
  • Available in standard Polyamide 6.6 or in buoyant Polypropylene version for liquid-processing applications
  • Available in 5 different sizes in convenient small bags with Euroslot: 5 NDT, 4PDT

Technical Information

Material - Moulding
Material - Locking barb
Temperature range
Flammability rating

Other properties
Polyamide 6.6 or Polypropylene
316 grade stainless steel
-40°C to +85°C
Bright blue
UL 94 V-2 (Polyamide 6.6)
UL 94 HB (Polypropylene)
Halogen free, silicone free

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