Being able to safely secure electrical wiring is a vital component of all construction projects and electrical installations due to strict regulations. Manufactured in the UK, a wide range E-Klips® solutions are available to provide an easy method of fastening cables safely. Using a combination of girder/purlin clips, cable ties and mounts, most cable fastening scenarios can be solved.

Whether it's a simple case of single cable to fasten or multiple cables requiring an assembly of a clip, mount and cable tie to safely secure the load, there is a cost-effective solution offering quick installation available within the E-Klips® range.

Product details

  • Manufactured from spring steel (C67S)
  • Annealed and Oiled
  • Hardened and tempered to 400-450 HV-10 Vickers
  • Finish to F1 to F8+ (see catalogue)
  • Mounting bases/cables are made of Polyamide 6.6


  • Manufactured using low carbon steel to EN 10132-4

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