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E-Klips® Merchandiser Unit

E-Klips® spring steel fasteners have been manufactured in the UK for over 40 years. Our range of solutions offer a quick, easy and reliable method of fixing services to steelwork without the need for bracket making, drilling holes or the use of nuts and bolts.

E-Klips spring steel fasteners are protected with our revolutionary Z600+ coating. This unique two-stage protective coating ensures that E-Klips fasteners remain protected from corrosion for a considerable period of time. Z600+ is an environmentally-friendly product which meets the requirement for a low solvent content material.

All products are manufactured using low carbon steel in accordance to BS EN 10132-4 grade C67S, and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and for mildly corrosive environments. E-Klips is registered for BS EN ISO 9001 and has a comprehensive test and inspection programme. 

What's more, whether installing cable, trunking, conduit, pipework, ducting, light fittings or suspended ceilings, E-Klips fasteners can be applied using a minimum of tools – usually only a hammer, screwdriver or pliers are needed. This helps to reduce your overall installation costs and keep them to a minimum.

Applications The E-Klips spring steel fasteners range provides a fixing for almost every application, including:

  • Cables and pipework
  • Trunking and ducting
  • Light fittings
  • Conduit and cable tray
  • Suspended ceilings
  • To learn more about our range of solutions or enquire about featuring the E-Klips Merchandiser Unit in your own branch/store, simply get in touch with our team via the form or contact details below. 

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