DALI potentiometer broadcast mode

Dimming with the speed of light

Dimming at all speeds. With the DALI potentiometer Broadcast. For the precise control of the desired light value. Also the illumination of the rotary knob can be adjusted as desired.

With DALI potentiometers (with and without power adapter for the DALI bus) the light value can be precisely adjusted in 254 steps. With a fast rotation the value is reached immediately. The selectable illumination of the rotary knob increases the comfort in the dark. It improves the orientation. Yet it is very adaptable. Because the DALI potentiometer can be integrated with the standard rotary dimmer knob into all Busch-Jaeger switch ranges (except Decento®).


For greater dynamics during dimming

For the illumination of the rotary knob of the DALI potentiometer Broadcast the colours yellow, orange, orange-red, red, magenta, blue, green, cold white and warm white are possible. Each shade of colour can be set in two brightness stages. The rotary knob illumination can also be deactivated.



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