Accessories for mounting and junction boxes

Installation materials have been designed to be compatible with each other and suitable for different installation situations.

Using the boxes and their accessories, installation is quick and easy regardless of the building material. The products work as a system, and they can easily be modified for various installation purposes.

Overview of accessories

Accessories for junction boxes
01   Covers protect the boxes during casting and construction work
02   The height of the box can be increased with extension rings
03   Box supports range from 42-90 mm
04   Support available for installation in 12-13 mm board wall
05   The installation plug is used to attach the box to a casting mould either by nail or screw
06   There are fixed nailing/screw channels in the box for fastening to framework
07   Strain relief for fixed inlets
08   Separate inlets (diam. 16, 20 and 25 mm) or strain reliefs available
09   Screw holes for M4 and 3,5

New products

Box support AS101 for concrete elements

Box covers are made of recycled plastic

Reducer inlet AN25.20


Extension rings

The heights of the extension rings are 13, 28 and 60 mm. The 13 mm extension ring is suitable when a mounting box is installed on a double board; the higher ones are suitable for mounting on, for example, brick walls or during renovation.


Box supports

There are two different lenghts of box supports that can be used with ABB mounting boxes: 65 mm and 95 mm. Both box supports feature cut-off sections for different stud sizes. When box supports are combined, a mounting box can be installed with a spar width of up to 120 mm.


Inlets and installation plugs

By using side and bottom inlets, the boxes are suitable for various installation sites. The boxes offer side inlets for pipe sizes 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm, and bottom inlets for pipe sizes 16 mm and 20 mm.

Installation plug AS25 is used together with a screw or a nail to fasten boxes to a casting mould through the center knockout in the bottom. The protective plug prevents any casting material from accessing the mounting box. When the mold is disassembled, the screw or nail will follow the plywood mould and will not have to be removed separately.


Fastening with an adjustment adaptor

The mounting box can also be fastened through the base using an adjustment adaptor. The adaptor allows for 11 mm of adjustment so that the position of the mounting box can be adjusted during the sheeting phase.

Wall clamps for installation in light partition walls

Wall clamps AS8.13 are used for attaching mounting boxes AU3.2 or AU5.2 to a 12-13 mm thick board wall. The box is pushed through the hole from behind of the board, and locks firmly between the board, and locks firmly between the board clamps.

Strain relief inlet

The AS12.4 strain relief is used in insulated cable mounting to secure max. 5 x 2,5 mm² cables in the 20 mm inlets of mounting or junction boxes. The strain relief can also be used with a 20 mm AJ20 conduit extension e.g. in the transition between conduit and insulated cable installation. Made of halogen free material.



The PMR474 interconnectors are used to connect ABB mounting boxes to each other with standard distance c/c 71 mm, creating a conduit between boxes for conductors when necessary.

PMR490 interconnectors are used when an 85 mm distance is desired between the mounting boxes. This means that two 85 mm wide frames can be mounted next to each other, for instance to separate power and weak current devices. PMR502 interconnectors are used when a 100 mm distance is desired between the mounting boxes.

PMR490 front and back:

PMR502 front and back:

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