Broadening range of conduit end pieces

The conduit end pieces are used on the ends of plastic piping in concrete casting in element factories or in on-site castings. The use of Ø25 mm pipes has become more widespread in concrete castings, which has increased the need for Ø25 mm end pieces.

A larger pipe size is used, e.g. for the electrification of kitchens and living rooms. Color-coded products have been added to the cabling range to make cabling easier and faster.

Color coding
In the element drawings, the positioning of the boxes on the front side or back side of the element is marked with either a white or black box symbol. In the installation situation (cable/wire pullthrough) there has been difficulty in knowing which side of the element the piping leads to, especially when there are many boxes and box combinations in the element.

Color-coded end pieces can be used to indicate which side the piping leads to when color-coded products are used in the element factory. Color coding can also be used in on-site casting for the same purpose.

Fitted with a protective cap
During casting, the protective cap prevents concrete from entering the pipe. End pieces are supplied with the protective cap in place.

Order information

Type Product ID EAN Description Packages
AJ5.16 2TKA160016G1 6410011301661 Conduit end piece Ø16 mm, blue 25/250
AJ5.20 2TKA160017G1 6410011301708 Conduit end piece Ø20 mm, white 25/250
NEW AJ5.20M 2TKA00004191 6438199008103 Conduit end piece Ø20 mm, black 25/250
NEW AJ5.25M 2TKA00004193 6438199008127 Conduit end piece Ø25 mm, black 30/90
NEW AJ5.25 2TKA00004192 6438199008110 Conduit end piece Ø25 mm, green 30/90
PMR38 2TKA130041G1 6410011310915 Protective cap for pipe Ø16 / 20 / 25 mm 100/1000

Ø20 mm, black


Ø25 mm, black


Ø25 mm, green

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