Earthing products

The sturdy structure of earthing products guarantees reliable earthing inside buildings and finishes a safe electrical installation. The range includes connectors of different sizes, offering dependable earthing for pipes and reinforcements.

Reliable earthing

The AM8 connector is mainly used in piping earthing. The structure of the terminal enables an adjustment of 8–28 mm in the pipe diameter. The earthing terminal comes with two 35 m² pillar connectors. The connection bar is made of tinned copper, and the strap clamp and cable connectors are made of electrically zinc-plated steel.

The AM11 earthing terminal is used, for example, for the potential equalization of air-conditioning and ventilation ducts. The earthing terminal is affixed using two pull rivets (pop rivets) c/c 3,2 mm to the surface of the duct. The terminal bar is made of tinned copper and has a single <10 mm² Cu terminal.

The AM9 terminal is mainly used to connect earthing conductors to various kinds of pipework in sizes c/c 6–15 mm. The earthing conductor has one 4-35 mm² strap. The earthing terminal can also be used to connect earthing conductors to a buildning's concrete reinforcement - protective gap must be used. The conductor bar is made of tinned copper and the strap is made of zinc-plated, yellow-passivated steel.

The potential equalizer bars AM4 and AM5 are used for the connection of system earthing conductors in buildings. Into AM4 it is possible to connect 8 pcs of max. 50 mm² and 2 pcs of max 70 mm² conductors. Into AM5 it is possible to connect 5pcs of max 50 mm² conductors. Both bars are made of tinned copper. If necessary, the bars can be covered with protective housing PMR576.

The earthing strap PP36 (strap clamp AM2 and terminal AM3) is for earthing heavy-duty pipework. The strap is 1 m long, and it is made of 1.5 mm tinned annealed copper 1,5 mm thick. The Cu-conductor of max. 35 mm² is connected using the earthing terminal AM3. In case a 50 mm² or 70 mm² Cu-conductor is connected to the earthing block, both ends of the earthing strap must be pressed together with the terminal to get sufficient conductivity. The terminals and the strap clamp are made of zinc-plated and yellow-passivated steel.

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