Flush-mounted junction boxes

Installation materials have been designed to be compatible with each other and suitable for different installation situations. Using the boxes and their accessories, installation is fast and secure regardless of the building material.


High quality junction boxes for demanding conditions

The junction boxes used in ceiling installations are made of high-quality materials, suitable for demanding climate conditions including frost. The installer-friendly junction boxes have rigid and reliable connections to pipings and cables. The boxes can be installed in various ways to different materials. A wide selection of accessories is available.

Depending on installation needs and methods there are several box options: installation hole diameter is 84 mm / 100 mm, screw distance to attach devices and covers is c/c 67 mm / 70 mm / 78 mm. Flush-mounted junction boxes can be fastened using nails, screws or a installation plug.

On-site and concrete element casting

ABB junction boxes are designed and extensively tested to fulfill the needs of prefabrication factories and on-site casting.

We offer a wide range of solutions and possibilities to adapt to different installation needs.


Build your own solution with accessories

Accessories for junction boxes
01   Covers protect the boxes during casting and contruction work
02   The height of the box can be increased with extension rings
03   Box supports range from 42-90 mm
04   Support available for installation in 12-13 mm board wall
05   The installation plug is used to attach the box to a casting mould either by nail or screw
06   There are fixed nailing/screw channels in the box for fastening to framework
07   Strain relief for fixed inlets
08   Separate inlets (diam. 16, 20 and 25 mm) or strain reliefs available
09   Screw holes for M4 and 3,5

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