M-list: Perfect for fastening and organizing conduits

Halogen free fastening list for 16 pcs of flexible or rigid conduits (16/20 mm). List can be cut to needed length and attached on top of the other. Ideal for fastening and organizing conduits.



Saves installation time.
M-list full length is 437mm perfect for installation by the distribution board. Split length is 218,5 mm with a height of 27mm makes it unique and fitted for the standard ceilling framework.
Also suitable for use as conduit support in concrete casting.
M-list is made out of recycleable LSZH (hf) material. Environmental labels: BVB, Sunda Hus, Svanen

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Double clamps

Universal clamps for 16/20mm flexible and rigid conduits. Double clamps ensure secure connection and direction of mounted conduits.

Locking ribs

Locking ribs keep flexible conduits in place so that there is no sliding. Designed so that locking rib is not interfering with fixing of rigid conduits.

Countersunk screw holes

Countersunk screw holes for easy screw mounting of M-list to any surface. M-list is designed for work with various tools Including nail guns.


Pre-marked for easier cutting in half. Dimension (length) corresponds to the standard width of the hollow wall/ceiling framework. M-list could be also cut in smaller pieces, where needed. And can be attached on top of the other.

Pre marked screw towers

Pre marked screw towers for easy and safe mounting of additional layers of conduits. The lower screw tower should be cross-shaped and the one on top circle. Use even with common carpenter screws.

Technical details:

  • For rigid or flexible (empty or pre-cabled) conduits of nominal dimension 16 mm or 20 mm
  • Maximum recommended number of lists to be mounted on top of each other is 3 pcs
  • Recommended type of screw for mounting 2 lists together: flat headed screws, diameter 3,9 +-0,2mm and minimum length 40mm
  • Recommended distance between two lists: 1200mm if 1 story house or building, 600mm if more than 1 story high building
  • Temperature range for conditions of use: -5 - +40C
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • Type and dimensions of fixing materials used to attach the M-list to wall, floor or ceiling should be in accordance to surface type and mounted loads

Order Information

TypeProduct IDGTINDescriptionPackage
M-LIST2TKA000053016438199012810Fastening list for flexible and rigid conduits (16mm/20mm)10/150



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