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Surface-mounted junction boxes and accessories

The junction boxes are supplemented by a range of optional equipment, making installation quick and easy. The boxes that are suitable for wet areas have been manufactured using a two-component technology and include membrane cable entries. The knock-out membranes operate as gaskets.

Detailed product information, measurement drawings, installation- and operation instructions can be found here


Product range

Features of AP9 and AP10

Includes 14 membrane cable entries, 3 on each sides and 2 at the bottom.

High-quality halogen-free material

IP65 enclosure class

Mounting temperature -25...+60 °C

Large space for wires and connectors

Superior self-sealing membrane cable entries

Quick snap-on cover fastening

Usability of AP9 and AP10

AP9 features

AP10 features

Colored AP9 boxes and ProDuct trunking system

The different colored AP9 junction boxes and ProDuct socket outlets can be used to improve the overview fo different installations, for example, in hospitals. Colored socket cover plates are available for the ProDuct system, which can be used to guide the use of socket outlets.
  • Blue socket outlets for auxiliary power distribution
  • Orange socket outlets for UPS backed-up distribution
  • Red socket outlets for IT equipment
  • Green socket outlets for medical safety isolation transformer use


Open entries with a screwdriver or cable.
Pull cable back to seal entry. Box enclosure class IP65.
Pull cable into box.
Large space for wires and connectors.
Quick snap-on cover fastening. No screws are needed. Lids have a sealing possibility.

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