Busch-iceLight® – Ceiling module, SM

Light with a pure radiance

Light can be more than the illumination of a room. Especially when it highlights the expression of architecture and enhances the personal touch. Just like the Busch-iceLight® Ambience ceiling module. Because it emits light in its purest form. From the top. In the process, it can be integrated discreetly. Individually in small rooms or as a series across large ceiling surfaces. Functional for entry areas, corridors, or stairwells. Evocatively for the bathroom. Wherever it is used – the Busch-iceLight® radiates the essentials.

Beautiful light becomes a reality

The Busch-iceLight® Ambience ceiling module visually has a soft and unobtrusive effect. Because its transparent cuboid combines clear light with a clear line that is continued with the light beam that is projected downward. This is how visual accents can be set in each living space. Busch-iceLight® presents a multitude of options - whether as a light arranged selectively or in rows. During designing, the Busch-iceLight® Ambience ceiling module displays its inherent architectural qualities to an exceptional degree.

Evocative illumination

The elegant Busch-iceLight® Ambience ceiling module convinces with its straightforward design. It lights up evocatively from below and creates a cosy atmosphere in every room. In the bathroom it can be used as soft, basic lighting for a relaxing bath.



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