Busch-Info light

Better informed at first glance

The Busch Infolight informs and discreetly provides clear orientation. A special field with a backlit pictogram marks the toilet, indicates smoke-free zones or provides information about special treatment rooms. The Busch Infolight is helpful everywhere.



Main benefits

  • The Busch-IKLight® radiates a new form of self-assurance
  • Busch-IKLight® is ideal for hard-to-access installation sites and for the permanent use in all locations with a high volume of public traffic
  • Busch-IKLight® Option: This version radiates uniformly to all sides and  recommends itself particularly for ceilings

Main features

  • The Busch-IKLight® conforms to class IK10, which is the highest protection class of  the DIN EN50102 standard
  • Interlocking system for  easy installation
  • The Option model is available in alpine white and black
  • Using LED technology


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