Busch-AudioWorld® built-in loudspeakers for dry rooms and damp rooms

The Busch-AudioWorld® system offers high-quality built-in loudspeakers with a 5" (13 cm) diameter for sound in dry and damp rooms and for different requirements. They are easily and quickly mounted in walls with the hollow-wall installation rings and in any type of ceiling with the ceiling module. For protection against dirt and damage the Busch-AudioWorld® built-in loudspeakers for dry and damp rooms are equipped with grids made of steel or plastic.

If larger areas – such as sales rooms or warehouses – have a sound system, the output power can be increased with the MDRC amplifier. It is the ideal device for setting up larger sound systems with numerous built-in loudspeakers, and it can be controlled via an amplifier insert or via the electronic Busch potentiometer, which operates like a dimmer. With an MDRC amplifier the number of loudspeakers can be extended up to 16 Busch-AudioWorld® built-in loudspeakers. If more loudspeakers are required, up to four MDRC amplifiers can be connected to the central control unit (corresponds to 64 built-in loudspeakers).


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