Busch-Radio DAB+

The new generation of digital radio

The new generation of digital radio for the best entertainment in your home. The ingeniously simple way to bring music and information into the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom - without taking up too much space and without tangled cables.

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What is DAB+ digital radio?

“Digital Audio Broadcasting” (DAB) is a technology that will eventually replace the older FM band as the new transmission standard.
An increasing number of European countries are transitioning to DAB+ and have begun to roll-out new digital stations. The roll-out specifics will vary from country to country.

General advantages of DAB+ for the listener:

  • Large variety of stations
  • Perfect sound quality thanks to a more efficient use of available bandwidth
  • Digital reception, with or without the Internet
  • Noise-free transmission without annoying frequency searches
  • Additional services such as weather and traffic information, in the form of text and images

Multifunction rocker

The elegant control element of the Busch-Radio DAB+ provides convenient and intuitive selection of all desired functions.


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