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Busch-Service socket outlet

For easy removal of firmly stuck plugs

Elbow plugs in a socket outlet that need to be changed often or are firmly stuck, are easily removed with a slight press on the rotary lever. This is practical for housework and a good solution in homes for the elderly.

Main benefits
  • Firmly seated plugs can be easily pulled from the socket outlet
  • Especially suited for elbow plugs without "Grip"
  • Especially suited for wet hands, in the kitchen, for example

Main features

  • The Busch-Service socket outlet is available only in the SI range
  • The Busch-Service socket outlet conforms to ordinance VDI 6008 "Barrierefreie und behindertengerechte Lebensräume" ("Barrier-free and handicapped accessible living space")
  • Several socket outlets can be combined directly next to each other in the frame


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