An element of sophistication

Cool. Conspicuous. Clever. Striking metal and pure glass light switches in square and ultra slim designs. Millenium surprises with its complexity and functional solutions designed for any interior, any building. A wide range of KNX sensors meet the highest of customer demands. Engineered to offer maximum comfort and happiness.

Main benefits:

  • premium British Standard light switch range with more than 32 functions
  • compatible with building automation solutions from KNX to ABB-free@home®
  • slim design, only 4mm cover frame height
  • three different rocker sizes: Standard, Premium and Multi-gang
  • Ecodesign certificate
  • in compliance with international standards: CE, BS, G-Mark, SASO, SS-Mark and ISI

Main features:

  • six metallic finishes plus two chemically strengthened glass (CSG) finishes
  • up to 4-gang frames
  • a wide range of socket outlets including BS, Round-Pin and Multi-standard socket outlets
  • screw terminals of switches and socket outlets
  • full range of stand-alone electronics from USB chargers, to LED dimmers or Bluetooth multimedia solutions

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Millenium finish variants

stainless steel

silk black

antique gold

matt gold

white glass

black glass

Millenium new colors

The interior design scene is always evolving, and Millenium responds by providing new options to cater for the needs of modern living spaces. Marble, glass, and metal have given way to new design trends where warmer colors inspired by natural elements such as coffee beans, earth or sand evoke a greater sense of well-being. The two new colors Mocha brown and Dune sand are inspired by these familiar elements to bring a warm feeling to the interior design of contemporary space.
mocha brown

dune sand

Combine your own

Millenium grid system enables up to 360 color combinations
stainless steel / silk black

silk black / stainless steel

antique gold / silk black

matt gold / silk black

Millenium selected functions

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