SAGA™ - This is a true story.

SAGA™ is more than just a collection of light switches and sockets with a simple design for any interior, easily integrated into ABB's building automation systems. It's a true story of a journey towards closing the circle through biocircular materials and net-zero operations. Is this the start of your Saga?

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Covering various applications


Switch 2, 16AX/250V, Switch cover frame

Switch 2+1, 16AX/250V, Switch cover frame

2-gang socket outlet SCHUKO®, hinged lid, IP44

2-gang socket outlet SCHUKO®

Combination thermostat with BT control, 16A

LED dimmer

Commercial & public buildings

Watch dog 180 flex, basic sensor

1-gang electronic timer up to 8 hours

1-gang socket outlet SCHUKO® with hinged lid and lock

Accessible Toilet Alert set

Push switch 5, with cover frame

RJ45 Universal outlet 100 mm


1-gang rocker with marking "bell"

1-gang rocker with marking "light"

1-gang rocker with marking "key"

Hotel card reader and switch

Switch 2, with red lens with cover frame

LED dimmer


How will Saga™ become more circular over time?

We strive to maximize the sourcing and use of sustainable raw materials that contribute to the resource-efficient design of products with minimal environmental impact without compromising performance. We are phasing out the use of conventional fossil-based polycarbonates in our flush and surface mounted products and are replacing them with ISCC PLUS (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification)* certified bio-circular material, resulting in improved environmental performance. As a thermoplastic material, sustainable polycarbonate is also easy to recycle, making it well suited to building material cycles.

* Link to the ISCC Plus document

What is the bio-circular material made of?

According to ISCC, “bio-circular” refers to waste and residues of biological origin from agriculture, forestry and related industries including fisheries and aquaculture, as well as the biodegradable fraction of industrial and municipal waste (e.g. UCO, tall oil, food waste, etc.)” and therefore does not compete with food production.,%2C%20food%20waste%2C%20etc.
The use of bio-circular material does not have any negative impact on the quality, the appearance or the functionality of the product, since the properties of the raw material are identical to primary fossil-based plastics, it is only the feedstock source that differs.

What is an ISCC PLUS certification?

The ABB factory as well as our supplier and the material are ISCC PLUS certified to ensure end-to-end transparency. This includes annual audits of the ABB factory and the supplier's factory to verify compliance with ISCC PLUS regulations and that ISCC PLUS material is actually used in the products sold as claimed. Regarding the material, ISCC PLUS is “applicable for the bioeconomy and circular economy for food, feed, chemicals, plastics, packaging, textiles and renewable feedstock derived from a process using renewable energy sources.” -

Currently more than 75% of SAGA™ products sold uses ISCC PLUS certified material – how did you come up with that number?

Based on the projected average sales volume of SAGA™ products, more than 75% will use ISCC PLUS certified material. For example, the standard light switches and sockets are weighted more than more specialized products.

Compared to using conventional plastics, how does the use of bio-circular material achieve an equivalent of around 400 tons of CO2 savings each year?

Currently, 75% of the SAGA™ products based on the projected sales volumes use bio-circular material. The use of this bio-circular material saves more than 80% of CO2 equivalent cradle to gate, compared to primary fossil-based plastics.
By comparing the use of bio-circular to conventional plastics in the products multiplied by the projected sales volume, estimated yearly savings of ~400 tons of CO2 equivalent are expected to be reached by 2030.

How does the Safety+ feature of the Double Socket Outlet (DSO) ensure touch protection?

The double socket outlet is designed to prevent access to live parts when installed, even after the center plate is removed. The Safety+ feature built into the insert ensures that live parts are inaccessible without proper plug engagement, even when the center plate is removed.

What makes the signal white (RAL9003) material UV-resistant?

The material has UV resistance properties verified by UV radiation testing.  The SAGA material outperformed our other equivalent design ranges in a test of UV radiation exposure of 103 kWh/m2, equivalent to 2 years of UV energy on a horizontal surface in Northern Europe.

How was the design selected?

When designing the Saga™ product range, two design studies were conducted to suit the tastes of end users who are looking for a simple design that fits into any interior. The color RAL9003 meets the specific requirements of Nordic architecture and interior design.

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