Guiding and protecting people

A very versatile option for elegant emergency lighting and signaling solutions for security and orientation applications. 

Pilot beacons by Niessen allows to signal in public places the evacuation paths to the exits in case of emergency when the general lights goes off.  They’re designed according to the norm UNE 60598-2-22 fulfilling the special requirements for emergency lighting. Application according to the requirements of the regulation RD 2816/82 (BOE 6/11/82), RD314/2006 and ITC-BT-28 from REBT 2002 for locals of public concurrences, as a part of the signaling lighting.

    Main benefits
  • Pilot beacons signal the evacuation paths to the exit in case of emergency when the general lighting goes off. Designed according to the UNE 60598-2-22 norm
  • Pass-wait indicates if you can go or not with a green or red light, together with a switch.
  • Indicate as appropriate in each moment
  • Autonomous signalization, they’re equipped with a battery that warranties the correct lighting in the event of failure in the electrical supply or when it falls below a certain value
  • Housing or public place application

  • Main features
  • 230 V ; 50HZ
  • Lighting by LED
  • Luminous flux> 2 lumens
  • Pilot beacons with autonomy: three hours.  One hour with maximum illumination and two with less. Nickel-Metal-Hydride (Ni-MH) battery, with minimum environmental impact  


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