Socket Outlet

More than a plug

The Socket outlet range gets completed with the hinged lid socket outlet, after releasing other type of sockets such as the socket with control light or the flat socket this way Sky Niessen allows you to choose between 4 different functionalities: socket outlets, flat socket, socket with control light and hinged lid socket outlet.

Socket outlet
Flat Socket
Socket with control light
Hinged lid socket outlet

The advantage of this product is its better functionality and that it offers you a solution for those spaces where you want to put extra attention into detail and protect the connections in places near dirt. 


Main benefits

    • Choosing between normal or flat schucko allows you to adapt to the customer’s needs
    • A covered schucko specially designed for places close to dirt, like kitchens for example
    • Housing, commercial, hotel and restaurant application

Main features
    • 16A, 250V
    • Protection against unintented contact
    • Cover with 90º opening and fastening
    • Control pilot indicates the presence of current
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