A new way of living spaces

Try with the color. If you want a unique home, your choice is Unno. Because this series of simple yet contemporary design will make of your home a place with style and personality. The variety of colors of this series is key when setting up a home life, full of light and harmony. Design, technology, respect for the environment, versatility and beauty. Unno opens through an extensive range of colors able to customize the most of any space or environment. Thinking to meet your expectations in decoration and style, Unno is your winning bet.

Main benefits

  • The straight and simple lines blend harmoniously with the new trends. Because beauty lies in the simplicity of this series, Unno offers quality and aesthetics. 
  • The Unno series reduces environmental impact in each of the processes of design, production, logistics, sales, use and recycling. Niessen was the first brand to offer a ecodesigned series of plates and switches.
  • Peace of mind for your home and quality of the technical design. Unno is backed by the experience Niessen acquired after almost 100 years, during which the brand has built a great reputation around the development of new products, technology, improvement of electrical installations, user safety and high quality materials. Innovating for the welfare of the people.
  • Unno is versatility and adaptability that offers a variety of colors that give life and uniqueness to your home. Being Unno a series of minimalist, straight and simple lines, the color of the side makes each piece have its own personality, creating fully customized environments.

Main features

  • All services of the highest quality and warranty.
  • Redesigned mechanism, more functional and simple allowing more safely connections with usual market practices, avoiding in all cases direct and indirect contacts. Push button of 46 mm x 22 mm and mechanism height 27 mm.
  • Robust mechanism design. Operating system of rocking contact and forced break. This system gives high strength and durability, increasing the life cycle.
  • Advanced connection. The connection system by direct contact prevents the cable from falling, holding it so that the temperature, movement, or the course of time do not affect such connection.
  • Security. In Unno all contacts have child protection feature that ensures the safety of all, especially children in the most adverse conditions. 
  • Wide dimensions allowing to correct any imperfections in the installation of switches on the walls.

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Unno finishes

Blanco (BL)
Negro (NG)
Gris plata (GP)
Dorado (DO)
Chocolate (CT)
Mandarina (MD)
Arándano (AR)
Lila (LL)
Menta (MN)
Mostaza (MS)
Azul (AZ)
Caramelo (CM)

Unno functionalities

Toma telefónica
Toma TV coaxial
Dimmer giratorio


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