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Switch to endless possibilities

Switch to endless possibilities and discover more than 120 functions of Zenit - our most comprehensive modular range of wiring accessories. Renowned for its minimalist, modern design and reliability, Zenit has been featured in residential and commercial buildings across the world. ABB has now added key functions to extend the range to the British Standard market. With Zenit you can make any installation possible from family homes to hotels or office spaces.

Main benefits

  • Simple, elegant, and everlasting – Zenit is created with an elevated design. Rectilinear
    lines and chrome details result in a simple yet elegant product that will enhance any living space now and in the future
  • Eco-design - Designed following the Eco-Design ISO 14006 regulations
  • Made in Europe (Oiartzun, Spain) with with 100% renewable energy
  • Ultra-slim frame design – Its clever design hides the functional parts of the switch behind the rocker. This enables an ultra-slim frame design of only 4.0 mm to blend into the surface of the wall
  • Minimalistic design with square angles and flat surfaces
  • 10-year warranty for all wiring devices + 2 years for electronic components
  • High durability polycarbonate combined with a steel support

Main features

  • Robust materials - Metal supports for the switches and socket outlets guarantee a strong bond to the wall.
  • Safety+ feature - All socket outlets include a double-pole switch to ensure that power is disconnected from L and N terminals; Twin earth terminals guarantee optimal earthing of sockets and switches
  • ABB i-bus® KNX - Zenit presents a range of fully modular KNX sensors that can be combined with all the frames of the range 
  • ABB-free@home® - Integrated with ABB-free@home, intelligently transforming your home, optimizing its use and making electricity consumption efficient. The control of blinds, lighting, heating, air conditioning or communication systems are part of Zenit's proposal for smart spaces.

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Complete sets or modular system

Complete sets 
Complete sets are available in white color including all parts required to install the function.
Modular system
For users who require flexibility, the modular system allows them to combine functions and frames freely.


A balanced palette of colors

Zenit is available in four colors: White (BL), Silver (PL), Anthracite Grey (AN) and Champagne (CV). Whether it is a warm living space or a productive office area, the palette of colors will fit the needs of any interior design. Furthermore, functions and frames can be combined to create your own design.
White (BL)
Silver (PL)
Champagne (CV)
Anthracite Grey (AN)


Zenit functionalities

KNX push button
Beacon LED light
Modular USB charger
DND/MUR for hospitality
13A, Type-G socket outlet with USB charger
15A, Type-M socket outlet

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