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Eden is a non-contact safety sensor used as interlocking device for e.g. doors and safe position monitoring.

Eden consists of two parts: Adam and Eva. Adam senses the presence of Eva without mechanical contact and therefore without any wear. The compact size of Eden and its 360° mounting possibility make it easy to use in most applications.

Different models of Eden are available for different types of control modules. All Eden models make it very easy to reach PL e, often using fewer components than other solutions.

The new Eden C model has coated electronics for increased resistance in demanding environments. It is specially suitable when there are rapid temperature changes, such as wash-down applications in Food and Beverage industry.

Main benefits

  • Flexible mounting, 360°
  • Serial connection according to Cat. 4
  • Withstands demanding environments
  • Less cabling and control units with local reset function
  • Appropriate when high motivation for fraud
  • Easier troubleshooting with extensive LED indication, info signal and status bus


Main features

  • Sensing distance: 0 to 15 mm
  • 360° mounting
  • IP69K
  • M12 connector
  • High level code models
  • Eden C: coated electronics, up to 95% humidity, -40 to +70 °C with rapid temperature changes


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