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New spare parts catalog is now available!

We are glad to inform you about the availability of the new spare parts catalog for low-voltage circuit breakers, switches, contactors, soft starters and arc guard systems.

Catalog description

We are launching the new spare parts catalog so that customers get genuine components only and the right safety tools for the correct maintenance activity. Particular attention has been given to:

  • Emax 2;
  • Tmax XT;
  • New Emax;
  • Megamax/Novomax: the accessories of these two circuit breaker families are now spare parts;
  • Emax/Emax 2 spring charging device.

Safety is one of ABB most important issues, so ABB low-voltage product Service keeps the spare parts divided into 2 categories: Type A and non-Type A spares:

  • “Type A” spares are all the kits or components that an ABB L3 qualified field Service technician is allowed to replace. This is restricted to this group because of mounting difficulties or the requirement for specific specialized tools that require expert handling.
  • Non “Type A” spares are all the spare parts that can be installed by non ABB experts. These spares are supplied with clear mounting instruction.

Obsolete products, such as Otomax, Isol, Fusol, Modul, Isomax (S1, S2 and S8) and Limitor, are no longer available. Please note that these obsolete products will no longer be supported with spares and cannot be repaired due to lack of components and problems with suppliers. In the case of obsolete or unsupported products, please check the availability of a retrofit solution in the retrofit-kit selector (see link below).


The catalog includes the following spare parts for low-voltage products like: Circuit Breakers, Switches, Contactors, Soft starters and Arc Guard Systems.

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