Hard Bus Retrofill Isomax S7 to E1.2-XT7

ABB can offer a new apparatus capable to satisfy the customer’s need in the era of the industry 4.0.

This retrofitting solution is available for fixed Isomax S7 circuit breakers and switch-​​disconnectors. It consists of a special kit that allows to adapt a new generation E1.2-XT7 to the existing switchgears.

Let’s see what the value propositions are:

Safety & Protection 

  • Highest quality level confirmed by certified products.
  • ABB brand is associated with buying quality products with robust design.

Easy to install

  • Easy installation requires limited shutdown.
  • Instructional sheet is provided with the product.

Continuous operation

  • PREDICT feature in ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Management for Predictive Maintenance
  • Integration into systems with different communication protocols.
  • Ekip Power Controller to improve energy efficiency


  • Extend the lifespan of your electrical system keeping it live and efficient as long as possible.
  • Minimization of CO2 emissions and natural sources usage

With only few modification actions and sustainable costs, retrofitting kits are the perfect solution to improve a low voltage switchgear. ABB SACE has developed new hard bus retrofitting kits to replace and upgrade SACE Isomax S7 moulded case circuit breakers with the ABB latest family of SACE E1.2-XT7.

SACE Isomax S7 is a moulded case circuit breaker for rating current up to 1600A and produced by ABB from ‘90s and used everywhere in the world.

These series moulded case circuit breakers were put into service many years ago and might not provide the reliability and safety assurances required today. Making certain that people, equipment and processes are properly protected is a growing concern. ABB Low Voltage Service offers a unique way to upgrade installed hardware and software to the next generation, by changing the worn or outdated parts while maintaining the original plant and equipment configuration. Retrofitting kits are the best solution also when doing maintenance to aged devices is no longer convenient due to the obsolescence of components.

The kits are tested in the ABB SACE Division Lab, accredited by ACCREDIA and acknowledged by important international certification bodies such as ACAE / LOVAG, ANCE, ASTA, ETL SEMKO, UL, CSA and Naval Registers.

Hard bus retrofill (RF) is the retrofit kit to replace the complete Isomax S7 circuit breakers/switch. The kit consists in a new E1.2 or XT7 device equipped with special terminals to fit the existing busbars. This solution is available for Fixed versions, equipped with each type of terminals F, EF, VR, HR.

The Hard Bus Retrofill consists of:

  • E1.2-XT7 already equipped with adapting terminals
  • Terminals’ covers
  • Instructional manuals
  • Kit for the door’s adaption

Accessories and Trip Unit: this new retrofitting solution guarantees the use of all the mechanical and electrical accessories of the E1.2 or XT7/XT7M. With these retrofit kits it is possible to choose amid three different Trip Units to replace the Isomax S7’s ones: Ekip Dip, Ekip Touch, Ekip Hi-Touch available in the versions LI, LSI, and LSIG

Let’s discover the features of a power manager circuit-breaker.

E1.2-XT7 improves the efficiency of electrical plants, by creating the new standard of:

  • Control: Ekip Power Controller to improve energy efficiency and saving
  • Connectivity: integration into systems with integrated communication modules with different protocols: Modbus RS-485, Modbus TCP, Profibus, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, IEC61850, Bluethooth
  • Ease of use: creation of efficiency and simplicity. Power measurement with E1.2 - XT7 advanced trip units
  • Easy to Maintain: Diagnosis and installation with Ekip Connect Software. Automatic notifications to remind maintenance activities. ABB Ability EDCS is also available with E1.2 - XT7 for Predictive Maintenance.


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