Life cycle management

Update for 2017-09

ABB low-voltage products are classified in four different product phases. These are outlined in the picture on the right, for your ease of knowledge.

Summary of main changes in this releases split in the tabs below.
Detailed LCM information can be found in the LCM status plan at the bottom of this page.

Our products

Switches & Fusegear
Motor starters & Contactors
Arc Guard System
Pilot Devices
Electronic Relays and Controls
Safety Products
Power Enclosures
Power Protection


  • Tmax T1-T2-T3-T4-Ts3 UL will change to Classic phase from Jan. 2018
  • Tmax T2-3 IEC will be available for sales up to end of Dec.2017 (excluding PV, ML and Enel version)
  • Isomax S7 will be available for sales up to end Dec.2017 (excluding 1000V)
  • Novomax MM will be available for sales up to of Dec.2017
  • Isomax ML will be available for sales up to of Dec.2017

Switches & Fusegear

  • Classic to Limited 31.12.2017; Some accessories, i.e. contact blocks for OETL / OESA
  • Active to Obsolete 1.7.2017; Enclosed switches ( Old front operated plastic enclosed switches, as BAS363, BAS100, certain EOTs), solid links
  • Active to Obsolete 31.12.2017; Enclosed switches using the old deep drawn enclosures, OT switches with H20 silver contacts, shrouds for OTDC250, selected OZXE_terminal bolt sets
  • Classic to Obsolete 31.12.2017; Selected enclosed switches, accessories for OESA & OETL (OBFZNA contact blocks, some shafts, neutral links etc)
  • Limited to Obsolete 31.12.2017; Special OESA switch fuses, MNS versions, OS160_, certain OETL800…3150, majority of OETLZT80_ interlocks
  • Active to Obsolete 31.12.2017; FastLine SLK: Direct to Obsolete (excuding NO, AT, SE & CN) instead of Limited as informed earlier in January 2017.
  • New products released for sales in 2017; Enclosed switches, CAM switches, OTDC switches, switch fuses, transfer switches
  • Active to Classic 1.1.2018; SLBM fuse switches

Motor starters & Contactors

  • AFS09…AFS96 contactors for safety application, added to 2017 active products


H1 2017 :

  • ZDP changed from limited to obsolete, replaced by New version ZDK within SNK Series
  • SNA Spring changed from classic to limited, SNA Spring replaced by PI-Spring ZK
  • RGW V2 changed from limited to obsolete, replaced by RGW V
  • BAM2 grey changed from classic to limited, replaced by BAM4

Announcement for 2018 - 2019 :

  • SNA Spring changed from limited to obsolete on 2018-Jan., SNA Spring replaced by PI-Spring ZK
  • HTP and markers from classic to limited on 2018-Jul., replaced by new generations
  • BRU 1 pole versions from limited to obsolete on 2019-Jan., replaced by DBL products
  • BAM2 grey and beige changed from limited to obsolete on 2018-Jan., replaced by BAM4

Arc Guard System

  • Active products:
    • Added TVOC-2-240-C
    • Changed text for all products
  • Non active products
    • Change Obsolete date for TVOC
    • Removed Limited and Obsolete date for Detectors
  • Last buy opp.
    • Added AGS with the information from the other tab

Pilot Devices

  • Active products
    • Added MPMT3-11, MPMP3-11, MPMT4 and MPMP4 since they were missing
    • Removed MLB because it is Classic from Jan 2017
  • Non active products
    • Updated text for MPMT3 and MPMP3 incl replacement product
    • Removed MPMT4 and MPMP4 due to previous mistake
    • Updated dates for CL-5*
    • Updated dates for KA2
    • Added Filament bulbs
  • Last buy opp.
    • Updated with same info as other tab.

Electronic Relays and Controls

Earlier announced now editorial change in the file ( no additional communication)

Products moved from “active” tab to “non-active” tab.

  • CT-VBS
  • CM-LWN
  • R600 (line 425) RB111AI, RB121AI, RBR111AI, RBR121AI
  • CP-ASI
  • CC-U / RTDR
  • DNP21, PDP22, MRP21, PDQ22
  • UMC100-FBP.0, UMC100-FBP.0 ATEX
  • CP-A RU, CP-A CM

New changes

  • CC-E: whole range Active to Classic on 01.01.2018
  • C512, C513: becomes limited on 01.01.2018

Last Buy

  • CM-IWN.4/5/6 in Dec. 2017

Safety Products

“Last buy date” of December 2017:

  • Some JSH and JSR safety relays. Replaced by Sentry.
  • Magne 2 and Magne 3A/3B. Replaced by Magne 4 DYN and Magne 3X.
  • Many Smile with black buttons.
  • GE and GP contact strips.

Already being phased out (non active)

  • All safety relays that are not Sentry. Replaced by Sentry
  • All older models of Adam, except Adam AS-i. Replaced by Adam DYN
  • Sense7, the models in plastic. Replaced by Eden OSSD.

Already obsolete:

  • Black PU bumpers. Replaced by the black/yellow ones.

Classic in January 2018:

  • Dalton locks

Power Enclosures

  • Artu K:
    • Kits for Tmax T2 and T3 change to obsolete on 01.01.2018; last buy opportunity 01.01.2018;
    • Kit X1 change to limited on 01.01.2018;
    • Frame codes change to limited on 01.01.2018; 
    • Busbars codes change to limited on 01.01.2018; 
    • External cover codes change to limited on 01.01.2018; 
    • Segregation codes change to limited on 01.01.2018;


Product phases classification could be different in the various countries.
The indications herewith given are valid for all countries, except China and India.

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