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New Direct Replacement retrofitting kit for already installed Novomax G2/ LG with New ABB Emax circuit breakers

ABB informs about the availability of the new retrofitting kits, Direct Replacement type, for withdrawable type Novomax G2/LG circuit breakers with New Emax.

The new Direct Replacement kits for Novomax G2/LG (up to 690Vac) have been designed to minimize both the out of service and the installation time.

Thanks to the new kits there is no need to dismantle the existing Novomax fixed part.

Customers should only check its integrity and service conditions (auxiliary contacts wearing conditions, cleaning, etc.).

The kit consists in a dedicated New Emax moving part that immediately replaces the Novomax moving part.

This special moving part consists in:  

  • A new draw-out mechanism that is able to replicate the Novomax in/ out positions by using the same Novomax drawing in/out lever. Even the in/out Novomax pushbutton is replicated on the New Emax moving part.
  • Novomax standard male sliding contacts to connect with female part on Novomax fixed part: all the wirings are already included for a faster installation The new breaker is provided with activating levers for the Novomax standard O/C AUX contacts installed on the fixed part.
  • Dedicated wiring solutions according to the original trip unit installed on the Novomax/LG (S1-T or S2)

Adapting metal sheets for the new door flange for the compartment door, as well as user friendly instructions sheet are included.

The new special New Emax moving part is equipped with the following default configuration:

  • Special New Emax moving part
  • Standard Novomax sliding contacts (left and right) and wiring
  • Draw out lever
  • Door flange
  • Dedicated Coils support
  • Mechanical signalling of circuit breaker tripped
  • Anti-insertion locks
  • Lifting golfare
  • Wiring connectors according to the original Trip Unit (S1-T or S2)

Electrical and Mechanical accessories mounted on Novomax that can be replaced with the corresponding ones of New Emax:

 SACE Novomax
SACE New Emax
YO (shunt opening release)
 New Emax standard YO
 YC (shunt closing release)  New Emax standard YC
 YU (undervoltage release)  Emax standard YU
 D (pneumatic Delay for YU) Add the one of New Emax standard to be cabled into the switchgear
M (motor for charging springs)
New Emax standard Spring charge motor
AUX Spring charged (S33M2) New Emax standard
AUX CB tripped - Sr New Emax standard changeover contacts
AUX CB connected/ insulated position - 75S-75I Already included in the sliding contacts (standard supply)
Electric TU reset
Not available
Q1…Q25 (Open/Close AUX contacts)
Use same of Novomax on Fixed Part
Novomax Shutter padlock device
Use the one of Novomax
Current sensor for neutral conductor outside circuit-breaker (into the switchboard)
Remove the Novomax version and add the one of New Emax standard
Key lock in open position
New Emax standard
Padlock in open position
New Emax standard
Mechanical operation counter
New Emax standard
IP54 door protection
New Emax standard
Transparent protective cover for O/C pushbuttons
New Emax standard
SOR Test Unit
New Emax standard to be cabled into the switchgear

Good to remember that the following New Emax accessories are not compatible with Emax Direct Replacement kit: 

  • Internal and external O/C AUX
  • Remote reset command for tripped indication
  • ATS
  • Homopolar toroid
  • Lock in/test/out position
  • Mechanical lock for compartment door
  • Mechanical interlock
  • Emax Lift Device
  • All accessories for Emax fixed part
  • PR120/K
  • PR120D-M
  • EP010
  • HMI030
  • RRD

The use of the configurator tool is recommended, in order to find out the correct ordering codes in accordance with the Novomax circuit breaker installed.

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