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Service Anatomy Podcast

ABB communication is dedicated to let customers increase their knowledge of our products and solutions.

Updated information help them know how we can protect their investments while keeping their assets reliable, efficient and more connected.

In a business world that is changing from analogic to digital, we need keep the pace and share our information by means of digital tools.

We deem that now it’s time for our customers and prospects to listen to some podcasts of value.

Podcasts can be listened by anyone, anytime, anywhere. This sounds great.

ABB Service’s Anatomy series is now available for listening: enjoy the topics, the stories, the news, all in a podcast of a few minutes.



Podcast 1 

Podcast 2

Podcast 3

Retrofit Kit Portfolio

Retrofit kit types and applications

Predictive maintenance





Podcast 4

Podcast 5


Podcast 6

Service agreements

GE Industrial Solutions integration into ABB ServiceABB Service investments and support



Podcast 7

Podcast 8Podcast 9
ABB Quality in Service

ABB Service facility in Coleshill, UK bringing benefits to customers                     

ABB RAISE – Remote assistance for electrical systems


Podcast 10Podcast 11 

ABB Smart Upgrade & Update for low-voltage electrical systems

Sustainability with ABB Service 



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